The Soft Giraffe (2013)



Sound by Jane L. Kasowicz

Available format : 16mm - BluRAy disc





In order to create an organic and psychedelic imagery by the use of Un Chien Andalou's footage as source material, Guillaume Vallée has been playing on the 16mm film emulsion for months using different cameraless techniques. As a result, heavy multiple layered images are being shown as sparkles of decaying and dying memories. With the sound treatment of Jane L. Kasowicz, from the musical pieces that use to be presented with Un Chien Andalou , used synthesis sound in order to create a new piece. The soundtrack has been transfered into a magnetic tape in order to manipulate the sound in a physical manner in destroying the actual magnetic tape with magnets and direct interactions.


Disbribution : Vidéographe (Montréal)

2014 roBOt Festival - Bologne, Italie

2014 Nuit blanche CRYSTALINE- The Cinematic and the  handmade – Montreal

2014 Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois – Montreal

2014 27th edition Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Suttgarter, Germany

2013 Analogica Festival - Southtyrol, Italy

2013 Optique MainFilm – Montreal

2013 Oakland Underground Film Festival - USA

2013 Portland Underground Film Festival - USA

2013 8th Montreal Underground Film Festival - Montreal

2013 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival – USA