Room Control - Commando

Room Control - Commando (Official Video)


Album: Maybe Too Broken (release date: 11/29/2019)




"Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards." - Aldous Huxley


COMMANDO is the first single to be released off of MAYBE TOO BROKEN (11/29/2019) and the explosive repetitive glitch-filled video, directed by Montreal experimental / avant-garde videographer Guillaume Vallée, reflects the current state of our rapidly advancing technological society; information overload, escalating violent / political imagery, short-attention spans, and the rise of social media and the attention economy. "I was inspired by action films of the 1980s and of the lo-fi aesthetic. Using certain action sequences, I created a thick jungle of data-mashing and glitch. The layered sounds and songwriting permitted me to create a chaotic and complex visual landscape." - Guillaume Vallée


ROOM CONTROL is an instrumental trio consisting of: Richard Bunze on bass, guitars, effects pedals; Byron on synths, effects pedals, samples, field recordings; Dan Stefik on drums, percussion. Their music fuses a range of genres including, Psych, Krautrock, Electronic, Prog, Shoegaze, and Post-Rock.