pas d'apparat corps (2020)

On demand screening: October 9 @ 7 pm — October 16 @ 7 pm

Video, dance, Super8 film and music


In Pas d’apparat corps, Toronto-based choreographer and performer Calla Durose-Moya continues research that she developed during her residency at Lake Studios (Berlin), a project concerned with the psychic impact of trauma related to the facts and gestures of day-to-day life. Video artist Guillaume Vallée lends his expertise in filmmaking to the project, and Hazy Montagne Mystique & Pulsatilla create a deep, organic soundscape using both analog and digital instruments. This collaborative project, developed as part of a summer 2020 creative residency at Studio 303, seeks to reveal possible connections between bodily practices and the body’s singular physicalities and analog video.


Length: 10 minutes





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