MUTEK 2015 - T.H.O.M. (Alain Lefebvre & Guillaume Vallée)

“Portrait du jeune sprinteur/Portrait of the young sprinter”

MUTEK 2015Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal



Montréal-based musician and artist Alain Lefebvre and visual artist and experimental filmmaker Guillaume Vallée collaborate live as Trojan Horse of Meaning, crafters of a surreal cosmos altered by glitches and noise. Lefebvre has made experimental music for over a decade, pushing the boundaries of musicality using lo fi techniques and objects not typically considered musical. He’s performed in the “We are the Drugs” concert series with Chris Strickland, released an album of live material, “Objects and Electronics”, on k.a.n.t.n.a.g.a.n.o.’s Encodages de l’Oubli label as well as two albums with Kohlenstoff Records, and collaborated with dancer, choreographer and video artist Sonya Stefan, culminating in a performance at MUTEK 2014. Vallée, a member of Montréal artist collective groop*index, creates hybrid art forms by dismantling traditional film techniques and technologies as a way to more deeply explore his subject matter. For Trojan Horse of Meaning’s MUTEK 2015 performance, “Portrait du jeune sprinteur/Portrait of the young sprinter,” he creates and manipulates images by projecting and feeding back a live video signal of 16mm film – Lefebvre in turn mics the projector, incorporating it into his music. Vallée’s found images and abstract shapes flicker in diffused colour, taking on a life of their own as they interact with Lefebvre’s semi improvised analog noise composition, creating a unique, chaotic and ultimately contemplative experience.


Excerpt 1 - point-of-view of the camera used during the A/V performance



Excerpt 2 - Camera behind us during the A/V performance




*** Video documentation from MUTEK available soon ***