"Mi viejo, el dotor, se voló a las estrellas" (Final Projection) - Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art of Salta, Argentina December 2013

Irene Boleda in collaboration with Guillaume Vallée and visual artists Justina Redondo and Constanza Muñoz


"Mi viejo, el dotor, se voló a las estrellas" is a multimedia installation piece deeply moving about accepting the absence and death of the father of the artist. Irene Boleda collects old and contemporary photographs of his father and combines them with moving images of objects and places that represent an emotional symbol of her relationship with him.
Through poetry Irene reveals details of his father's history, his personality and the emotions she faces now that he is gone. The artist covers basic film techniques, such as optical printing, stop motion, watercolor painting on glass and burial of film to bring forth feelings of love and loss that are not capable of being expressed in words.
The installation is an exploration of death, of the questions that remain unanswered and feelings that one faces when a loved one is gone. It is also a tribute to Irene's father and a final farewell .