Maldoror series (2011)





An ongoing series of short silent cameraless 16mm films based on Les Chants de Maldoror, by Lautréamont [Isidore Ducasse].

There's going to be six short films in this series, one for each Songs from the boo, which will depict pure emotions , the rawness of Maldoror's psychological state of mind ; he's the devil itself.

The main objective with this series is to create a series of short psychedelic/chaotic  films that can be shown separately, in group and as an installation piece.

The images come from outakes of Le Muscle à Cinq Pattes that I want to recycle as found-footage segments, some sort of reapropriation of my own images, in order to put them in a new context.


Maldoror #1



Maldoror #2