DahL - BHB

DahL - BHB



Dahl is an art rock duo from Montreal, Quebec. BHB is the first single from their upcoming album “That’s it.” The band collaborated with Montreal experimental film artist Guillaume Vallée to produce the music video. It tells a story about Nassir's (vocals) times spent in Iceland. More broadly, it asks viewers ‘How do we process memories as we prepare for our daily routines’? Shot on cellphone by Dahl, Vallée then transferred the footage onto 16mm film. To enhance the effect of journey and landscape(s) the film was handled physically, altered and animated to reflect passage and physical landscape before transfer onto 2K. BHB is being released in advance of the bands upcoming album “Thats it”.




Band info: dahlbooking@gmail.com

IG: Dahl_sounds


Video Premiere on Mes enceintes font défaut