Analog Hellraiser




Project description

Using horror footage from a VHS tape of Hellraiser II , I’ve been working directly on the magnetic tape in order to create a chaotic and unstable imagery depicting some sort of narrative structure based on a nightmarish mind struggling with his inside demons and past traumatisms.

The main objective is to explore the possibilities of interaction on the medium itself ; how can I reach a certain point of control over my technique and use mistakes and accidents as creative tools. Using the materiality of the magnetic tape, I want to create a short experimental video based on a nightmare structure, depicting the confused state of the mind and the chaotic nature of it.

The sountrack has been made by Montreal's sound artist/musician Francesco de Gallo []


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 The Light & Shadow Salon, London, UK - Rencontres Bandits-Mages, Bourges, Francepg_52421369171323.jpg


 Tape available now :


Excerpt : Analog Hellraiser